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Hey folks! Welcome to KLOF Magazine’s Review Roundup for June and July 2024! Grab your favorite drink, sit back, and let’s dive into some awesome music reviews.

Kate Carr – Midsummer, London

First up, we’ve got Kate Carr’s Midsummer, London. This album is all about the vibes of the city, y’know? Kate lets the streets speak for themselves with sounds like the Thames gulping and commuters’ footsteps. It’s like, you’re walking through London with your ears wide open. Super cool!

Natalia Beylis – Lost – For Annie

Then there’s Natalia Beylis’ Lost – For Annie. This one’s pretty deep, man. Natalia is so in tune with her surroundings, it’s almost spooky. This album’s got a real emotional punch, and you can feel the history and politics she’s channeling through her music.

Laura Jane Wilkie – Vent

Moving on, Laura Jane Wilkie’s debut album, Vent, is a total banger! This Scottish fiddle player shows off some serious chops. Each track is like a little adventure, full of surprises and delights that keep you coming back for more listens. Confidence is the name of the game here.

SML – Small Medium Large

Now, if you’re into some trippy jazz, SML’s Small Medium Large is where it’s at. Anna Butterss, Jeremiah Chiu, Josh Johnson, Booker Stardrum, and Gregory Uhlmann come together to create this kosmische jazz masterpiece. It’s complex but still super airy and bright. Their chemistry is just mind-blowing.

Live Review: Roseanne Reid + Ollie Cook + Will Varley

We also checked out a live show at the Betsey Trotwood pub, featuring Roseanne Reid, Ollie Cook, and surprise guest Will Varley. This Loose Music night was such a chill alternative to the craziness of Glastonbury. Intimate vibes and killer performances made it a night to remember.

Chris Corsano – The Key (Became The Important Thing [& Then Just Faded])

Chris Corsano’s The Key (Became The Important Thing [& Then Just Faded) is another highlight. It’s got this edgy, rocky post-punk sound, but Chris keeps things fresh and engaging throughout. Definitely not your average punk album!

Tashi Wada – What Is Not Strange?

Then there’s Tashi Wada’s What Is Not Strange?. This one’s for the experimental music lovers. Tashi’s got a unique voice that brings a human touch to his avant-garde soundscapes.

Gabriel Birnbaum – Patron Saint of Tireless Losers

Gabriel Birnbaum’s Patron Saint of Tireless Losers is haunting in the best way. Full of subtle shades and shadows, it’s like he’s painting with sound.

Black Decelerant – Reflections Vol. 2: Black Decelerant

For something a bit more theoretical, check out Black Decelerant’s Reflections Vol. 2. This album is like a nuanced argument in musical form, challenging but beautiful.

Tor Invocation Band – Medicine

Tor Invocation Band’s Medicine takes you on a wild ride through folk, ambient, psych, noise, and free jazz. Jake Blanchard’s guiding hand keeps it all together, making it a pleasure to listen to.

Elijah Minnelli – Perpetual Musket

Elijah Minnelli’s Perpetual Musket is a unique blend of reggae and folk that’ll make you rethink those genres. It’s biting and brilliantly executed.

Festival Review: Fire in the Mountain 2024

We also had a blast at the Fire in the Mountain 2024 festival. Non-corporate, not-for-profit, and volunteer-run, this festival in the Cambrian Mountains is a breath of fresh air. David Weir’s report from the festival is a must-read!

Outer Spaceways Incorporated: Kronos Quartet & Friends Meet Sun Ra

Outer Spaceways Incorporated: Kronos Quartet & Friends Meet Sun Ra is like a transmission from the stars. This collaboration captures the spirit of Sun Ra with some deep space vibes. Total bliss.

Swamp Dogg – Blackgrass: From West Virginia to 125th St

Swamp Dogg’s Blackgrass: From West Virginia to 125th St mixes bluegrass, country, and soul in a warm, absorbing way. Swamp Dogg’s vocal delivery is top-notch here.

Joseph Decosimo, Luke Richardson, Cleek Schrey – Beehive Cathedral

On Beehive Cathedral, Joseph Decosimo, Luke Richardson, and Cleek Schrey take beloved tunes and make them strong and dynamic. It’s magical, really.

Rewind: Various – Afghan Music In Exile: Mashhad 2022

Afghan Music In Exile: Mashhad 2022 is a perfect gateway into Afghanistan’s rich musical history. This album ensures these artists’ voices are heard and not forgotten.

Georgia Ruth – Cool Head

Georgia Ruth’s Cool Head is all about subtle experimentation and heartfelt lyrics. It’s her strongest album yet, full of emotional moments.

Naomi Bedford and Paul Simmonds – Strange News Has Come To Town

Naomi Bedford and Paul Simmonds return with Strange News Has Come To Town, proving they’re still a vital musical force.

Lankum – Live in Dublin

Lankum’s Live in Dublin captures the essence of their music and is deeply heartfelt. It’s a session filled with cultural and historical richness.

SUSS – Birds & Beasts

SUSS’s Birds & Beasts is intricate and finely nuanced, marking a new beginning for the band while honoring their late comrade Gary Leib.

Linda Thompson – Proxy Music

Linda Thompson’s Proxy Music ends with a powerful refrain that pretty much sums up the whole album. It’s a strong statement of togetherness and resilience.

Beings – There is a Garden

Beings’ There is a Garden is blistering, beautiful free jazz with a sunny outlook. This NYC quartet knows how to keep things interesting.

Msaki x Tubatsi – Synthetic Hearts Part II

Msaki x Tubatsi’s Synthetic Hearts Part II is a magical collaboration that surpasses the first part. It’s one of those rare musical gems.

The Decemberists – As It Ever Was, So It Will Be Again

The Decemberists’ As It Ever Was, So It Will Be Again is packed with highlights, showcasing their essence in a fully-loaded taste of their career.

Landless – L​ú​ireach

Landless’s L​ú​ireach is a celebration of vocal talent and feminist togetherness, another triumph for the Irish folk scene.

Marina Allen – Eight Pointed Star

Marina Allen’s Eight Pointed Star balances clarity and abstraction perfectly, creating a mysterious yet coherent collection of songs.

The Zawose Queens – Maisha

The Zawose Queens’ Maisha blends traditional sounds with modern electronics, delivering a vibrant and electrifying debut.

Laraaji, Agnes Martian, Music for Connection, Hair and Space Museum – Coincidence

Coincidence, featuring Laraaji, Agnes Martian, Music for Connection, and Hair and Space Museum, is bursting with spontaneous creativity and free jazz vibes.

Elijah McLaughlin & Caleb Willitz – Morning Improvisations / Evening Abstractions

Elijah McLaughlin & Caleb Willitz’s Morning Improvisations / Evening Abstractions is packed with creative ideas that demand your attention.

M G Boulter – Days of Shaking

M G Boulter’s Days of Shaking dives into dark dreams and nightmares, a deep and immersive album.

D.C Cross – Glookies Guit

D.C Cross’s Glookies Guit is a rich acoustic guitar album that’s both deep and characterful, his most accomplished work to date.

Bonny Light Horseman – Keep Me On Your Mind/See You Free

Bonny Light Horseman’s Keep Me On Your Mind/See You Free eclipses their previous albums, showcasing genuine improvisation and natural chemistry.

Phew! That was a lot of music, right? So many great albums to check out. Happy listening!

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